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South Africa / Afrique du Sud

South Africa

Country facts

South Africa
Date of accession to the APRM March 2003
Review status 1st review completed
Country Review Report publication date  September 2007
NPoA status 3 progress reports published

Faits de Pays

Afrique du Sud
Date d'accession au MAEP Mars 2003
Statut de l’évaluation 1ère évaluation achevée
Date de publication du Rapport d’évaluation national Septembre 2007
Statut du PAN Publication de trois rapports préliminaires


South Africa

This is the final APRM report for the Republic of South Africa (by APRM Secretariat)

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This is South Africa's Second APRM NPoA Implementation Report (2010)

pdf  View file (2.49 MB)

South Africa's Third APRM NPoA implementation report (2014)

pdf  View file (2.86 MB)


A summary of the key issues raised in APRM submissions on Economic Governance and Management. (by SAIIA)

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South African Technical Report Summary on Economic Governance and Management Power: A summary of issues raised in submissions, points of agreement and contention delivered on 7 April 2006 at the Indaba Hotel in Johannesburg.  (by SAIIA) 

document  View file (335.5 kB)

This collective and independent submission was made to the South African APRM review process by three civil society organisations. 

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Explanation of the SA APRM self-evaluation (2006)

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Technical Report on Political and Good Democratic Governance (2006) : (by Institute for Democracy in Southern Africa (IDASA))

pdf  View file (471.74 KB)

South African Technical Report on Economic Governance and Management (2006) : (by SAIIA)

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South African Technical Report on Corporate Governance (2006) : (by African Institute of Corporate Citizenship)

pdf  View file (6.66 MB)

South African Technical Report on Socio-Economic Governance (2006) : (by Institute for Economic Research on Innovation - IERI)

pdf  View file (418.75 KB)