Monday, September 25, 2023
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Guides to Advocacy and Policy Engagement

A guide to communication and advocacy by the Institute for Democracy in Southern Africa. (by Yvette Geyer) pdf  View file (446.45 kB)

A study of approaches to citizen demands for improved government service delivery based on 63 case studies. Examines 14 approaches to voice and responsiveness.

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Evaluates how local funds can be managed to promote governance and civil society.  (by Katie Wiseman)

pdf  View file (355.1 kB)

Examination of lessons on civil society organisations and their capacity to engage with governments to change policy.

pdf pdf View file (509.98 kB)

An in-depth guide to promotion of dialogue mechanisms in democracies with case studies. (by International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance)

pdf  View file (3.39 MB)

A study of techniques used to monitor the effectiveness of advocacy programmes. (by Jennifer Chapman and Amboka Wameyo)

pdf  View file (186.88 kB)

This is a hands-on guide to starting and managing participatory projects. (by Nikki Slocum)

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An analysis of citizen advocacy in Africa. (by Jane Ocaya Irama)

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Webpage list of useful resources, guides and analysis on various aspects of participatory dialogue and policy setting approaches to improve realisation of MDGs.

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